Nitecore Gem8 Cree Xp-L Hi V3 500Lm Led Gemstone Identification Flashlight

<div><p>NITECORE GEM8 is designed for gemstone

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GEM8 ultilises a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to emit ultra-bright light with great penetrability, which is ideal for identifying the texture, technique, flaw or crack of gemstones

The flat top allows close observation of it without scratching the item. lt /p gt lt h2 gt For Small Gems Inspection lt /h2 gt lt p gt The LED is attached to lens directly to ensure zero light loss, which is ideal for identifying small items like jade beads, diamond rings, crystal beads etc. lt /p gt lt h2 gt For Raw Gemstone lt /h2 gt lt p gt Exclusively designed for raw gemstones/large jade inspection, adopting Crystal Coating Technology with Precision Digital Optics Technology for uniform light. lt /p gt lt

Toughened mineral glass with anti-reflective coating protects the core components. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Waterproof in Accordance with IPX8 lt /h2 gt lt p gt 2 meters submersible, impact resistance to 1 meter. lt /p gt lt h3 gt Specifications lt /h3 gt lt table gt lt tbody gt lt tr gt lt td class quot spec-title quot gt Max Output lt /td gt lt td gt 500 lumens lt /td gt lt /tr gt lt tr gt lt td class quot spec-title quot

Users may adjust the desired brightness according to the types and sized of gemstones. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Runtime Up to 500 Hours lt /h2 gt lt p gt Run on one 18650 battery with a max runtime of 500 hours and compatible with 2 x CR123 / RCR123 batteries. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Special Design Ensure A Better Beam Focus lt /h2 gt lt p gt Convergent light ensures a clear inspection

With great penetrability, the GEM8 is perfect for detecting and identifying the impurity of jades. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Professional Gemstone Identification lt /h2 gt lt p gt Ultraviolet light and white light for you to choose. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Great Penetrability lt /h2 gt lt p gt GEM8 ultilises a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to emit ultra-bright light with great penetrability, which is ideal for identifying the texture, technique, flaw or crack of gemstones. lt /p gt lt h2 gt Identifying Impurities of Jades lt /h2 gt


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lt div gt lt p gt NITECORE GEM8 is designed for gemstone. GEM8 ultilises a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to emit ultra-bright light with great penetrability, which
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